Based in Wales and
The Welsh Marches.



Previous Work

2000    Stop Violence. European video for Mediation groups & schools.
15 mins. DVCam.

1999    Film Futures 2000. Two documentaries for ITV Wales on the future of Welsh cinema.
2 x 24 min. DigiBeta.

1998    Film Futures. Two documentaries for ITV Wales on future filmmakers in Wales.
2 x 24mins. Digibeta.

1997    Open Christmas. A documentary film on shelter for Xmas for the charity Crisis.
15 mins. Beta SP.

1997    Nobody Chooses It. A documentary film on homelessness for the charity Crisis.
15 mins. Beta SP.

1996Connect in Uganda.Documentary for Guinness Brewing Worldwide.
15 mins. Beta SP.

1996    The Leonard Cheshire Foundation. A documentary on disability.
15 mins. Beta SP.

1995The Falkland Islands, Beautiful and Wild. Documentary for Falkland Islands Tourist Board.
30 mins. Beta SP.

1995    Falkland Views. Documentary from the point of view of the Islanders for FI Government.
30 mins. Beta SP.

1992    The Travel Notebook.Series of 6 x 26 min. travel documentaries distributed by Chatsworth Television. The programmes have been screened on television in the UK, USA, Japan, Scandinavia, Portugal, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan to a total of more than 40 million viewers.

Extracts of the programmes have been screened worldwide through the international news service WTN (Worldwide Television News) through its award winning ecological series Earthfile.

1989    The Falkland Islands: Where Nature is Still in Charge. Documentary for the Falkland Islands Tourist Board, with an intro by HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York.
30 mins. Beta SP.

1989Winter Sun in the Land of Valencia.Documentary for Institut Turistic Valenciana.
30 mins. Beta SP.

1988    Turkey. Three travel documentaries for UK tour operators, Falcon and Lancaster.
3 x 20 mins. Beta SP.

1988    The Canary Islands. Travel documentary for UK tour operator Lancaster Holidays.
20 mins. Beta SP.

1987    Corsica, the Scented Isle. Travel documentary for UK tour operator Falcon.
20 mins. Beta SP.

1986    Mira Margarita. Two documentaries on the Venezuelan Caribbean Island for UK tour operators, Falcon and Tjaereborg.  2 x 20 mins. Beta SP.

1985/6 This is Spain. Ten-part documentary series on regions of Spain for Turespaña, the Spanish National Tourist Office, distributed by Virgin for sale to the consumer in the UK, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Scandinavia and Japan.

1984    Policin’ TV. A documentary about the Police Bill, Greater London Council, featuring Darcus Howe, Unmesh Desai, Tony Benn. 20 mins. Beta SP.

1983    GMB. Trade Union Youth recruitment video with stars from music, television & politics, including Aswad, Bill Owen, Ken Livingstone. 30 mins. Beta SP.

1982    The View From Industrial Britain. Experimental documentary, NW Arts/Gulbenkian Foundation.16mm 45 mins.

1981    Reporting Pilger. Interview with John Pilger, 1” video colour 60 mins.

1978    The Mesingkauf Dialogues. Bertold Brecht for TV. 1” video b/w 30 mins.

1975/6 Justine, by the Marquis de Sade. Co-producer/DoP/co-editor, British Film Institute feature film 16mm b/w optical 90 mins.

1974    Imprint. Ballet Rambert/Arts Council GB & Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Music by Gavin Bryars, 16mm colour optical 45 mins.

1974    Line Film. The linearity of telegraph wires, 8mm b/w silent 4 mins.

1974    Globe Film. The world at speed, 16mm colour silent 4 mins.

1974    264 Sections of Latitude and Longitude,The Daily Telegraph World Map. Two-part feature film, 16mm colour, silent. Part 1 - 110 mins, Part 2  - 88mins.

1973    Triptych. Live action rephotography, 16mm b/w com mag 48 mins.

1973    Made in 6 Seconds. Super slow motion, 16mm b/w silent 4 mins.

1972    Protrait. Based on quote from Tolstoy’s ‘Anna Karenin’; 16mm sound b/w 10 mins.

1972    Rostrum. Live action animation with Lynn Seymour; 16mm colour silent 10 mins.

1971    Movemeant.Cornelius Cardew visual score, with Lynn Seymour ; video colour 30mins.

1970 Happy Ever After. Youth, a Jewish wedding, alienation; Stills & 16mm b/w sound.

1969    Help I’m a Rock. Model animation to The Mothers of Invention; 16mm b/w sound.


Exhibitions    1972 - 2010

  • Arts Council of GB Film Tour
  • Bangor Cult Fiction Festival
  • BBC British Short Film Festival, London
  • Berlin Film Festival
  • Bracknell Video Festival
  • Bristol Arts Centre
  • Bristol Film-makers Co-op
  • British Independents Weekend School
  • Bristol University, Department of Drama, Film & Television
  • Centre for Advanced Inquiry in Interactive Arts
  • Catalyst Art Gallery, Belfast
  • Celtic Film Festival
  • Centre for Advanced Inquiry in Interactive Arts
  • Chapter Arts Centre
  • Corsica Film Festival
  • Covent Garden Cinema, London
  • Edinburgh International Film Festival
  • Edinburgh Television Festival
  • Experimental Film Conference, Preston
  • Festival of International Film and the Press, Strasbourg
  • Films and videos screened at Colleges and film societies in the UK and abroad
  • Forest of Dean Film Festival
  • Granada Television
  • Hamburg Filmshau
  • Hong Kong Television
  • Independent Experimental Film Festival, Knokke, Belgium
  • Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
  • International Film Festival of Wales
  • Intersections: Forays in Ethnography and Art
  • ITV Wales
  • Lock-up Gallery, New South Wales, Australia.
  • London Film-makers Co-op (one man show)
  • London Independent Avant-Garde Film Festival, NFT
  • London Video Festival
  • National Film and Television Archive
  • National Film Theatre, London
  • Newcastle University, New South Wales, Australia.
  • Oxford Museum of Modern Art
  • Performing Arts Research in Practice
  • Paris Pullman Cinema, London
  • P3 Gallery, London
  • Phoenix Cinema, London
  • Ritzy Cinema, London
  • Serpentine Gallery, London
  • Shop Stewards’ Media Education Weekend
  • Singapore Television
  • Society for Education in Film and Television Weekend on Independent Cinema
  • South West Arts Film Tour
  • Watershed Arts Centre, Bristol